Excelsior: a Latin word meaning “higher”, “superior”, “lordly”, commonly translated as “Ever Upward.” – source

Ever since I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety, I have been fascinated even more by Silver Linings Playbook. It’s wonderful to see topics like bipolarism, medication, and general fucked-up-ness being discussed so openly and in the context of getting better. I was so happy to know that one of the main characters took Klonopin at one time, which I am currently taking!

It’s not what I base my mental health on, but it’s good to know that it’s a topic that a movie isn’t afraid to discuss in detail, showing the ugly parts of mental illness and not an overly-romanticized version where a Manic Pixie Dream Girl shows up and saves the hero, who magically has no need for meds even though professionals beg him to take the drugs.

Anyway, the protagonist Pat’s motto is excelsior, which I’ve adopted. See, it means ever upward, and that’s the kind of positive thinking I need to get me through life. It means pushing onward despite the shit life throws at you.


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