You will complete me, pt. 2: what my make-up collection lacks

As a total make-up junkie, it may disappoint you to find out that I don’t tend to buy products unless I run out. So I have 2 foundations (one pressed, one liquid), 1 concealer, 2 blushes (one powder, one gel), and 1 mascara. I’ve been reconnecting with the side of myself that loves to buy cosmetics, so it’s been bad for my wallet!

That said, here’s what I’m eyeing:


As someone with oily skin, this should be non-negotiable! This will help my make-up glide on smoother and make it last.

Will buy: NYX Shine Killer because it’s relatively cheaper than other primers (side-eye at Smashbox).



I need a contouring brush and a blush brush separate from my powder brush.



I can never have too many lippies! I swear, if I had all the money in the world, I would buy ALL. THE. LIPSTICKS.

Will probably not buy but want to anyway: Jeffree Star, Lime Crime, Colourpop


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