The upside of living with depression

Borrowed the idea from this blog.


Depression is such a bitch. It makes you feel alone, afraid, and insignificant. It makes you feel hopeless, like nothing will ever get better. That said, there are a few upsides to living through this hell.

You realize your own strength.

One of the adjectives my therapist loves to use to describe me is resilient. I used to think that my depression made me weak, but I’ve come to accept that it makes me strong because I’m faced with struggles that I constantly overcome. Whether it’s a breakup, work-related stress, or even just living another day, depression makes everything harder – and that’s why I’ve noticed my own strength, because I have lived through it all.

You come to appreciate your support system.

I may have taken them for granted, or I was just afraid that they couldn’t accept my mental illness. However, that turned out to be untrue. Depression made me feel alone, but I had a core group of wonderful friends and family who support me in my journey to wellness. I appreciate them better now, and our relationships have vastly improved because I was showing my true colors instead of hiding my illness away in shame.


You appreciate the little things in life.

I never used to appreciate the little things in life. I was sort of a perfectionist: everything has to be exactly how I imagined it; otherwise, it’s a failure. But therapy helped me try and look at the little things in life and appreciate them. So now, I count my blessings: laughing with my friends from work, a thoughtful text, a hug from my mom… These tiny things, insignificant as they may seem, help get me through the day. And this outlook has helped with an increase in the number of good days I have.


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