Retail therapy: the best or the worst?

I’ve been rediscovering my love for makeup and as such, been drooling over a lot of different products. Okay, I haven’t just been drooling; I’ve been buying a lot of makeup, too!

So far, I’ve bought 3 different lippies, a concealer, and a setting powder. Just now I ordered a contour palette online. BeautyMNL and Zalora will be the death of my savings.

I do have a confession to make: whenever I feel blue, I just browse those sites and look for things I can buy. I do have some self-control, though; I am on a self-imposed lipstick-buying ban since I have many. And I told myself to only buy shit I don’t already have in my arsenal (see: contour kit).

I’m not sure this is healthy, since isn’t it just some form of self-destruction? I mean, how productive can retail therapy be, really? I told my therapist about it, and while he doesn’t exactly approve, he says it’s a relatively constructive way of dealing with things (as opposed to, say, moping for hours on end).

So I’m torn between feeling guilty for my money, and feeling giddy about waiting for my packages. But as long as I’m not in debt over shopping, I’d like to think I’m doing okay. 😛


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