I’m slowly learning to love myself better. See, it may not be apparent, but I have wildly low self-esteem. I used to hate everything about myself, from my looks to my personality. I was brashly unapologetic on the outside but raging with insecurities deep inside. 

Now, after months of self-examination, I made a life-changing decision: to be kinder to myself. I decided not to tell myself awful things I would never tell another person.

I like myself better now. I appreciate how I look and am genuinely more comfortable in my skin. I accept that not everyone will react positively to me and that’s okay. I embrace my emotions without apology, knowing that I don’t have to be sorry for how I feel. I forgive myself for mistakes I made, especially since I know my capacity for forgiveness is huge.

It feels amazingly lighter to not hate myself so much. I wish I had done this sooner.


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