When you’re feeling low, when you can’t seem to move, when your head won’t stop buzzing – read this.

Your abandonment issues are so severe that you truly believe that every single person will leave because you’re a crap person. That is not true. Your head is messing with you. You are so loved; it’s only you who think awful things about yourself. You are not alone. 
You’re sweet and amazingly affectionate. People gravitate to you because you’re a great listener.
You’re smart and you have a lot to contribute in conversations.
You’re fun to be around. Your laughter is infectious.

The thing is, you tell yourself awful shit that if you heard your friends tell it to themselves, you’d be so pissed off. So why can’t you show yourself the same kindness?
Loving others is wonderful. Taking care of others makes you feel good. But you can’t do either of those if you don’t look after yourself first.


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