I’ve blogged here lately about feeling like crap, and when I got my paycheck last week I decided that I’ve had enough moping for the meantime. So I chucked my sense of fiscal responsibility out the window and officially declared March 31 to April 6 to be my Treat Yourself Week, as inspired by Parks and Recreation.

Damn straight!
[photo source]


Went to Nail It! at Fisher Mall and got a mani/pedi for Bunny and I. That specific branch always seems deserted during weekdays, so it was quiet when we got our treatments. A great way to relax.

I also bought a new Revlon lipstick! Will review it soon!


Had drinks at a friend’s house that was practically next door from my apartment. Fell asleep on the floor and had to be shaken awake.


Bunny and I celebrated our first anniversary. This deserves its own entry, so will write one soon!


Gave my wallet a break from all the spending, and just stayed home.


Drinks, again. Did not enjoy myself as much because of a splitting headache, though :/


Exhaustingly full day! Started with a lunch with Bunny, his aunt, and their househelp. We ate at Dad’s, where the buffet selection is CRAZY BIG. From Japanese to Filipino to American, there is something for everyone.

Afterwards, I met with YC for coffee and catching up.

The strong wind made my hair look like a lion’s mane.
Also, I-am-constipated face.

I missed these goofy girls!

After that, we hit Cubao Expo, where I met with Bunny to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is IMO the best Marvel movie since The Avengers.

Plus, I also bought a new eyeliner ‚̧ Again, will review this soon!

* * * * * * *

Unfortunately, my paycheck could not sustain this kind of lifestyle, but it was fun while it lasted. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming….


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