New things on stealing your sunbeams

After several months of abandoning stealing your sunbeams, I’m finally reviving it. There’s the usual stuff: geekery and my feelings, plus the welcome addition of beauty reviews.
I still haven’t had enough of this meme. [photo source]

I’m also trying out this new approach where I’m more frank and unapologetic in what I write. I always got self-conscious about what people would think of me when they read this: do I sound too cheerful? Too sad? Do I sound like I’m not smart enough? Are my pictures awful? Does this read like a fourteen-year-old’s Livejournal?

Then I decided to screw it all and just blog about what I want, you know? I mean, I’m going to be looking at this in a few years, and I don’t want it to be full of posts that sound like I’m trying to impress people. I don’t work my ass off blogging just so strangers (or IRL people, for that matter) on the Internet could validate me.
It’s been much more liberating doing it this way. I can blog what I want and say what I feel instead of trying to find a way to make everything sound snarky and cool. That phase is over. *throws fake hipster Wayfarers into the bin* 
I’m excited about this development because I think it’ll add an even more personal touch to my blog: like sometimes I make-believe I’m writing in a journal, or talking to a friend. It really helps me be more straightforward. And it works for me—have you noticed how much more content I’m churning out? I’m on a roll!

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