Calea Pastries & Coffee’s blueberry cheesecake

Before my mom and I went to Bacolod, she did extensive research on the Internet on places to visit there. This one place, Calea Pastries & Coffee, kept coming up. Apparently their chocolate cake is a must-try, so we decided to give it a shot.
When I saw it, I kinda fell in love. It’s really cute! The combination of blue, white, and yellow was so dainty and seemed perfect for the delicate cakes.

However, I am very suspicious of places with overly impressive interiors. I have grown wary due to previous experiences in restaurants with lovely decor that make up for mediocre food. So I approached this with little expectations.

I didn’t get a chocolate cake (that’s too mainstream for this #hipster). My mom, did, though, and she raved about it and how it has “just the right amount of sweetness”.
I found it… okay, I guess. To be frank, I didn’t know what the big deal was. I’m not much of a cake person. I define “cake” as “something I have to sit through to get to the frosting and candy flowers”.
Instead, I ordered a blueberry cheesecake.

It wasn’t bad. The whipped cream was delightfully fluffy instead of heavily textured. The cheesecake wasn’t too sour. The unusual crust appeared to be made from oatmeal cookies (if I had to venture a guess) instead of graham crackers—a bold choice, but one I didn’t take to. Again, my opinion isn’t that this cake is bad; rather, it’s just not that great.
Now I feel bad because every other blog seems to think so highly of Calea. 😦 Perhaps next time I’m in Bacolod, I’ll try the bestselling cakes and see if my opinion changes.

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