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This December kicks last December’s ass!

This month has been so cuh-razy busy, I didn’t even notice the days slipping by until whoa—it’s only three days ’til Christmas! Boring schoolwork aside, let me show you what’s been up lately.

I went to Intramuros…

with my friends to get something for our Labor Relations class. While there, we stopped by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts, where an exhibit was being held. The exhibit, featuring works by Aba Lluch Dalena, Nana Buxani, and Susan B. Corpuz, has a theme of love transcending age and gender.

Forever alone, forever.

I watched a PBA game.

My mom and I watched a semifinals game between the Aces and the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters.

Even though the Aces lost by one point, it was still so much fun watching a live game!

I support the Alaska Aces for three reasons:

  1. My mom is a huge fan of the team.
  2. I’ve read Pacific Rims.
  3. The professor who flunked me last semester told us that he once flunked Cyrus Baguio, the Aces’ shooting guard, too. For that stupid reason alone I feel connected to the player. (Shut up.)

This is my last Christmas 😦

As a college student, that is. On the day that the world was supposed to end, UST had its annual Paskuhan, and the band lineup featured—omigod—December Avenue and Urbandub!!!

During their performances, I screamed my voice to oblivion, jumped, danced, accidentally elbowed Kat in the temple, whipped my hair in a classmate’s face, stepped on a friend’s toe, and dropped my glasses in the grass.

This is me eagerly waiting the next song and clutching my glasses in glee.
December Avenue!!!
They sang three of my favorite songs: I’ll Be Watching You, Ears and Rhymes, and Sleep Tonight 😀
Urbandub!!!!! There are two things I don’t get about their performance:
1. Why they only performed three songs (First of Summer, The Fight is Over, and Guillotine), and
2. Why they weren’t the finale band.

Now I can barely speak: my voice is shot to hell, but it’s worth it to show my love for these bands. ♥

See, this December kicks last December’s ass! Even though I’m not really feeling the Christmas spirit, I’m still pretty darn happy. The rest of 2012 will hopefully be filled with more fun.


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