A new perspective

Most people who know me know that I am huge Fall Out Boy fan. My devastation over their indefinite hiatus has toned itself down somewhat, although at times when I’m listening to their songs (particularly What a Catch, Donnie), emotion threatens to overwhelm me and I think, why did they have to stop making music?

It was Peter Angelo showed me the silver lining: he reasoned that if FOB was still intact and continued to make music for years, they might just get worse and worse until they end up washed out and forgotten. This way, at least they went out with a bang (despite their last album not making any fans out of the critics). They will have greater impact on their fans.

Okay, fine, he has a point. But if they’re not getting back together, can FOB please have a farewell concert here in Manila? Please?

They are my superheroes okay!!!

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