Adventure Time!

Peter Angelo has been telling me about Adventure Time for months, telling me how awesome it is. He has once again proven that he has great taste because once I started watching, I fell in love with the show.

Photo taken here.

Reasons to love it:
• cute characters

Photo taken here.

• wacky humor

• infectious music

(I have this video on my iPod because it is too cute not to be watched every day!)

My favorite episode so far is S01E09: My Two Favorite People. If you’ve ever been torn between spending time with your best friend and your girlfriend, you should watch this!

Jake the Dog: I’m sorry I’m an idiot, baby. Forgive me?
Lady Rainicorn: Oh sweet potato, I love you because you’re an idiot. You make me feel like a genius!

This has now been filed under: things that cheer me up on bad days.

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