Obligatory Christmas 2011 blog post

“Christmas makes me so happy, it doesn’t even feel like me. I’ve been grinning for ten minutes because of a Sesame Street Christmas carol :D”
That was my Facebook status on the 24th. Before that, I wrote: “Feeling like a ray of sunshine today. Christmas brings out this side of me. :D” Notice the big-ass smileys at the end of each update? Not just an emoticon but an accurate reflection of how I was feeling.

What I love about Christmas at the Kaimo household:

Pretty lights!

Delicious food!

And of course, the presents! I appreciate every thoughtful gift I receive, but I appreciated the hell out of my mom‘s Christmas present.

For years, I’ve been bugging my mom to get me an iPod. Finally, this year she caved and bought me an iPod Touch. I named it Alex after the protagonist in A Clockwork Orange.
It’s gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh!
I’ve been spending the past couple of days tinkering with this baby. I’m in love with it already.

The holidays are awesome! I love them so much! They fill me with happiness and joy! Exclamation points!!! If I need more reasons to to love Christmas, it’s this: it’s a legitimate excuse to get drunk on gin with friends, and subsequently post stupid stuff online.

Now waiting for New Year’s Eve and trying to decide whether it’s worth making a list of resolutions when I know I’ll break them all anyway. Happy holidays!


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