Happiness is a warm gun

Ever since I was a kid, I have had a fascination with guns. I’ve always wondered how it would feel to fire one (preferably not at a person or animal), but at around P1000 per session, target shooting was too expensive a hobby. 

Thankfully, Ensogo had a 50% discount at Jethro Shooting Range, so I begged my reluctant mom to buy me a voucher. Jethro has several branches, but we went to the one in #5 G. Del Pilar St., Del Monte Ave., Quezon City, because it has an outdoor range.

Having worked at Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Allen, my mom has fired guns before, so I don’t know why she was so hesitant to let me go target shooting. It’s not like I’m going to be pumping lead into people.

The range officer was really nice and competent, and put me at ease even though I was pretty nervous (I was holding a gun, for the love of god). 
First, he taught me the four rules of gun safety. Then he showed me the basic parts of the gun, how to load the magazine, cock the gun, hold it properly, aim, and shoot. It reminded me of a Pugad Baboy comic strip about how to fire a gun: Always keep BRASS (Breathe, Relax, Aim, Slack, Squeeze) in mind. I even learned how to shoot with only one hand.

I shot a 9mm Glock pistol, which was lighter than I expected, according to the recommendations of the staff when they found out I was a beginner.



I was holding this afterwards in Trinoma and it was quite the conversation piece. Several people (mostly security guards) nodded at me knowingly and said, “Target shooting? Daming tama, ah!”

Obviously posed photo.

Here’s a video of me shooting the last 9 rounds:

I thought 50 rounds of ammo would take forever, but it took a surprisingly short while to shoot all of them that I understood what the range officer meant when he said that once you try shooting, you’ll get addicted (regular shooters usually warm up with 300 rounds). I had so much fun! I’m thinking of taking this up as a serious hobby.

P.S. Another Beatles reference in my title. I blame Peter Angelo.


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