Whee, Tuesday!

My friends and I helped out with the Ms. BES pageant photoshoot last Tuesday. Before the shoot, I warned them that I have an astounding lack of talent/usefulness and therefore could do very little to “help out”.

Things I didn’t do:

  • model (lol at even thinking that)
  • shoot photos
  • do make-up
  • style the models
  • help the photographers by holding the reflector

I did, however, have the very important and meaningful job of:

  • holding people’s stuff and following them around.

No complaints, though—it was really fun.

The photoshoot was done in Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila. I just love Intramuros! I find its old-world charm soothing. It’s the perfect place for a photowalk and for a date *ehem*.

The whole day I kept bugging my friends to ride the calesa with me. One thing crossed off my list!

Okay, it’s not my photoshoot, but I still have plenty of camwhore-y pikchars.

Photos from before the shoot.

It was also Ava‘s birthday! *u*
(She’s the one on the far right.)

August has been pretty good so far, and I’m thankful that my birthday month is turning out swell. I guess it really pays to sacrifice chickens to the gods in exchange for happiness stop thinking negatively.


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