What’s new, Ela?

A lot of things, that’s what.

First, Mom bought me a digital camera! She was buying a cellphone when she saw me staring at the selection of cameras in the store, so she asked if I wanted one. Duh.

She told me to pick one that’s less than five thousand, so I got the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S3000 for P4,999. Hey, it’s one peso less than 5k!

I’m thinking of naming it McLovin because 1) the name sounds weird, 2) it also sounds fun, and 3) I like McNames (McDreamy, McSteamy, McVet… I once used McGorgeous and McMuffin as online aliases).
Okay, people name SLRs and DSLRs, but who names digital cameras? Me, that’s who.

Random photos I took with McLovin.

No longer will I have to post shitty cellphone pics on this blog!

What else is new? I got contact lenses.

Can you see the difference? No? It’s because got clear contacts, not colored ones which are very popular. No, it’s not because I wanted to be ~different from da mainstream~, but I have this weird thing where when people look at me, I want them to be able to tell what color my eyes really are.

You might have noticed from the above photo that I got my hair rebonded. I was only supposed to get a haircut but my mom convinced me to get my hair rebonded (apparently, everyone hated my wavy hair). It makes me a little sad; for some unfathomable reason, I actually sort of liked my unruly hair.

My hair in indoor lighting without flash:

I have zero complaints about my hair now, though.
My hair in indoor lighting with flash:

I love the reddish-brown tint—I will be getting cellophane from now on.

Extenso rebonding with cellophane done at Ingrid Salon in Concepcion, Marikina for P3000. They did a great job and I found Egay, one of the senior stylists, meticulous: some stylists rush through the process, but he took time to carefully straighten my hair.  I hope next time I can get soft waves there.

What else is new? Oh, yeah, school has started again and as the schedule makes it quite difficult for me to be absent, I resolved not to skip any classes this semester. I’ll let you know how that one goes.


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