Photospam-y post about fun stuff I did on the remaining weeks of summer, II

Not quite as photospam-y as the last post, but still a bit annoying, because all I do is talk about what happened. It was interesting for me because I was there, but if you weren’t, you probably won’t appreciate this.
Wait, why am I putting you off reading my blog? Jesus.

Saturday: Adventure Time with The Best Friend.
Went to Fully Booked’s Free Comic Book Day (disappointing—I expected more comics, but it was for free so I didn’t complain lol), then decided to go to the art exhibit in CCP. I forgot to print out the commuting directions I researched online, so we had to ~werk~ the railroad system.

Untog/Untag: A Multimedia Exhibit

We were the only people at the exhibit, so it was a bit creepy to hear every our word and footstep echoing. But before long, we started scrutinizing the artworks and having pseudo-intelligent discussions about them (“Maganda sana kung di na lang ginawang totoo yung sigarilyo eh. Kasi parang nakaka-distract dun sa pagkaputi nung girl, eh parang yun nga yung focal point ng piece diba?” So much lol-age).

Since I prefer traditional media, I couldn’t fully appreciate the digital art that the exhibit showcased. However, there were a few pieces that I enjoyed. For example, if I remember correctly, there was a series of paintings by Erika Dedicatoria was made using digital art, but even close up, it looked like watercolor paintings.
But really, what do I know about art? I guess it all boils down to personal preference.
(If you want to see photos, The Creative Dork has beautiful ones.)

There was one last installation piece that we spent time on. You could write on Post-Its and stick them to the wall near the enormous wire head!

Him: “Lagyan mo ng heart sa hati para pag kinuha yung isa, magkakahiwalay.”
Me: “Para maalala nila na walang forever?”
Him: “Lahat nagkakahiwalay!”
Me: “Oh my god, ang sappy nito forever.”

The Simpsons Movie reference!

Exhausted after walking ’round the CCP Complex countless times, we settled on watching a movie at their place. My unspoken motive: I was flat broke and decided that a movie marathon was cheaper than going to Ronac. Hehehe.
We were going to watch three movies, but due to time constraints (read: I knew my mother was going to kill me if I didn’t go home already), we only watched Superbad and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I really liked the latter and was sobbing crying at their dining table, which got several curious looks from his little sister (who, by the way, besfran told me did not cry at Up, which flabbergasted me because Up made me cry like a little bitch).

I got home at 11:30PM and was greeted by my mother’s deafening silence. Ah, the cold shoulder. It is a trick I’ve gotten to know quite well.

Sunday: 3B Rest House in Antipolo, Rizal with my family.
As expected, my mother was really pissed off at me. In my defense, I hardly ever went out this summer so I think I’m entitled to a little lateness in going home. #TeenageProblems
So yeah, 11:30 wasn’t really late to me, but I expected a shitstorm from my family. I knew everyone would have an opinion, so I mentally prepared myself for a horrible morning consisting of me hearing, “Ikaw, Mikaela, lagi ka na lang lumalabas, inaabot ka pa ng ganyang oras ng gabi. Hindi maganda tingnan sa babae…” and I would just bite my tongue and nod.

After enduring their sermons, I actually had a good time. Mom made up with me (“Ang anak, natitiis ang ina. Pero ang ina, di natitiis ang anak.” Sappy mother, sappy daughter!) and it turned out to be a pretty good day.

Cousins ❤

My favorite photo from the day. That’s my kuya going underwater.

The private resthouse wasn’t what we remembered it to be (they built a new one next to the old). Too bad; the old one had a treehouse and a large, beautiful house with an attic.

Yeah, so, that concludes my summer. I say that because I am now under what feels like house arrest.


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